FoV of the Month: Asparagus

Happy March, Healing Foodie readers! To celebrate the start of each month, I'll be highlighting a produce item that is in-season for the month. So you ask what is FoV? It stands for "Fruit or Veggie". The FoV star of March is asparagus!
Green-stalked asparagus are the most common variety we come across, but they come in white and purple, too. The freshest asparagus will have firm stalks with tight tips. The stalk girth is indicative of the age of the plant. While it is best to use the vegetable on the same day as it was purchased, they can be stored in the fridge up to 4 days either in plastic bag or stand upright in an inch of water with a cover.

Asparagus has about 20 calories in every 1/2 cup and is a fair source of fiber, iron, and potassium. This vegetable contains a sulfuric compound called mercaptan that is responsible for the interesting odor change in urine. Although it is strange, the odor is completely normal.

If you like these beautiful green stalks, you can enjoy them from February through June. Asparagus work wonderfully in appetizers, vegetarian pasta dishes, refreshing salads, or by themselves as a side. Try sauteing whole stalks with a sprinkle of pancetta bits for a delicious side dish.

April will sneak up on us soon. Stay tuned for the next FoV of the Month!


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asparagus with pancetta bits =D

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