Where do you use your reusable gear? 
Catch YOUR reusables in action and 
upload photos to the HEALing Foodie's Facebook B.Y.O.? album!

The Why's:
Americans and many other developed countries throw away tons (literally) trash each day because of our CONVENIENCE-CENTERED lifestyle.It's time to re-prioritize and put convenience behind the health of our PLANET and FUTURE GENERATIONS and stop ignoring our trash problem.

The 3Rs of the environment- REDUCE and REUSE come before Recycle. In fact, statistics have show that only 1 in 10 plastic water bottles get recycled. That's a grim number.

What about COMPOSTABLE ware? Aren't they a solution to our landfill problem?
Not nearly! Especially when businesses are using the "eco" trend to attract more customers. More usage, more waste. Another issue is that they're usually made with CORN DERIVATIVES from subsidized crop. To add insult to the injury, compostable utensils aren't compostable in theory. They only break down under HIGH HEAT AND PRESSURE, like in a professional commercial waste management company, not in our humble backyard.

When & Where:
Be creative about how you use reusables. You can show 'em off in more places than you think!
Not just for grocery stores. Superstores, department stores, library, etc. Just don't use the same ones for groceries when shopping for clothes. 

Glass/Plastic Containers:
Lunches for school or work and snacks on the go have been done before. But what about "doggy bagging" leftovers at restaurants or friends' potlucks? And eateries that use disposable plates and bowls exclusively. Just check with servers in advance first (some places don't allow that... I've tried. Sad face).

The obvious are at coffee shops. My latest venture was at a boba tea house. Eateries that offer plastic/Styrofoam cups only are also opportunities to BYOMug. 

Pack them with homemade lunches and picnics. Bust them out at eateries that (again) offer disposable wares regardless dining in or take-away. Be a conversation starter at family BBQs or tailgate parties. 

Tips & Tricks: 
B.Y.O. Safely.
Bacteria and other unwanted gunk can build up and make us sick. Wash bags, containers, mugs, and utensils often to avoid spreading germs. Clean and dry thoroughly between each use.

Conserve All Around
When washing reusable gear, turn off faucets between use to conserve water and use minimal detergent. Otherwise, we might be doing more harm than good.

Keep 'em Close
It'll take a while to get used to the reusable lifestyle, but check if you have your green sidekicks like you do for your wallet, cellphone, and keys before walking out the door. Stash clean ones in your work drawer, purse, cars, or in a (reusable) bag near your bike/helmet.

In most cases, it's not necessary to buy a reusable tote. Many retail stores give reusable bags in place of their shopping bags. Or instead of buying frilly gift bags when gifting next time, just put your present in one of the reusable totes! The receiver will get 2 gifts in 1!

Defy the Norm
You may get a few stares in the beginning, but what great movement didn't get a few raised eyebrows at first? Start a trend, don't follow one. Before we know it, using reusables will be the norm.

Will update photos of my reusables in action periodically. Come back to see new photos! Or check out HEALing Foodie's B.Y.O.? album!