UnVEAL the Truth

As much as I am a foodie and am willing to try anything once, veal has long been "blacklisted" on my menu options.
Veal is the meat from young cattle, or calves. Because of their tender texture and delicate flavor, these calves are raised for the sole purpose to be fattened and slaughtered at a young age. From the day they're born, calves raised for veal meat are confined to a small space so maximum fatty tissues can develop. The crates they're chained in are so small that they can't even move or sit down comfortably. Because fattier calves equate to tastier meat, some farmers have no qualms about this unethical practice as they'll get higher profits.

While there has been some movements to ban veal crates, change is coming slowly... too slowly. California is set to ban these crates in 2013. Yes, 3 years from now. More baffling is that the bill was passed in 2008 as part of Proposition 2. When the ban is enforced, it would have taken 5 years to put the regulation into practice. More grim news is that there are only 8 states that currently have laws to protect calves.

If you think it is wrong to eat babies that are raised unethically purely for human consumption, please "vote with your folk" as celebrated journalist Michael Pollan often urges and boycott veal.

Information on legislature from www.noveal.org.

Photo from GoVeg.com


court said...

another thing i would recommend for people who are boycotting veal is to consider the effects of the dairy industry. veal is a by-product of dairy farming. dairy cows are impregnated only to have their babies taken away to become veal. so from my perspective, supporting the dairy industry is supporting the veal industry.

delwin said...

Hopefully the ban on veal crates will be successful.

Elizabeth Lee said...

@ Court: Veal and the dairy industry are intimately linked. That's a good topic to do a follow-up post on. I didn't feel comfortable writing about yet because I'm still a dairy consumer. So until I can walk the talk...

Terry said...

I agree...and there are so many other related subjects. Whale meat, Dolphin meat, exotic animal parts as "sexual stimulants"...if only people could better visualize what the animals are going through for such little reward.

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