Sustainable Fisherman Joe

I'm a petit fan of seafood and have a soft spot for a bowl of steamed clams in tomato and garlic broth. But as our oceans are getting robbed everyday by unethical fishing methods, choosing sustainable seafood  is becoming an increasingly difficult feat. 

Back in 2009, Greenpeace compiled a "supermarket seafood sustainability scorecord" (talk about alliteration!) that rated grocers on the ecological impact of their supply of seafood. Surprisingly, Trader Joe's fared the worst and came in below Target and Wal-Mart! But the tide is about to change. 

Trader Joe's is making some transitions and plans to sell only sustainable seafood by 2012. Frozen, fresh, and canned seafood will all be included in this change. Back in 2005, the company stopped selling Chilean Sea Bass, and more recently in March 2010, it stopped carrying red snapper.

Choosing seafood can still be a dilemma even though some grocers are getting on the sustainable seafood boat. Luckily, Monterey Bay offers a fantastic pocket seafood guide that can help you make informed choices whether you're at the market or having a meal at a restaurant. It's so small and handy that it can even fit into a clutch ladies! For those tech savvy among us, of course there's an app for this, too. 

Learn more about sustainable seafood by visiting SeafoodWatch.org.


delwin said...

I have a copy in my wallet =D

Jaime said...

There's also an app for iPhone!

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