Unhappy Animals = Unhappy Us?

** This video contains graphic images. Please view at your own discretion. 

It's no secret that most farm animals are treated without dignity, love, or mercy everyday. They're bred purely to be eaten by another species- the same species that inflict continuous pain upon them before being slaughtered. If I were an animal on a factory farm, I think I would die from various illnesses long before I reach the slaughter house gates.

Emotions and feelings are a type of energy. According to the law of conservation of energy in physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed. So then where is all the farm animals' sadness and despair going? Is the negativity being transferred to those who kill them and consume them. A piece of skirt steak with a side of depression? No, thank you.

In an utopian society, every animal would be treated with respect and not just those we consider as cute, fuzzy pets. As much as I support and admire those who have committed to vegetarianism and veganism, I have yet to match their level of commitment. Until then, here are some practical tips for my fellow omnivores to become more educated consumers and allies of farm animals everywhere!
1. MEATLESS MONDAYS is a good start.
2. BECOME A FLEXITARIAN. Only consume animal protein when your body demands for it.
3. SHOP WITH A CONSCIENCE. Purchase meat, egg, and dairy products that have been humanely treated. Look for labels like "free-range", "cage-free", "hormone free", and "grass-fed."
4. BEFRIEND YOUR BUTCHER. Whether it's at the meat counter, farmers market, or on the actual farm, these professional meat handlers know their meats and can tell you where the animal came from.
5. MAKE A REQUEST for humanely raised meats and animal products if they're not already available at your local market.
6. LEARN AND TEACH. Do some research about where your food comes from and share the findings with those around you!


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