If I Am In Italy...

I would eat cheese by the wheel!

And would be able to get ultra-filtered flat or sparkling water for FREE!

These spiffy water fountains were installed by Florence's water utility, Publiacqua. According to Global Post,
In addition to helping consumers save money, the free water could reduce carbon emissions and reduce trash in a region that takes pride in recycling, experts said.
PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is the plastic used to make water bottles. Each pound of PET can only make 12 bottles but uses 2 pounds of oil in the process! Not to mention the CO2 emissions and water waste that comes out of that.

Instead of letting private companies and lobbyists get whatever they want, Florence's government actually cares about its people and its environment. What a novel idea! Take heed, America.

Image credit: globalpost.com


delwin said...

If only we have something like this here

Terry said...

I would expect to see something like this in San Francisco. It is a nice idea with the environmental and health benefits but I wonder what it would cost. Too bad this state has already gotten itself into such a budgetary bind...

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