Meatless Monday: Dollar and Sense of Eating Less Meat

Compared to generations ago, meats are much more readily available due to shifts in farming practices (more efficient while throwing ethics out the window). But even though animal protein probably cost less nowadays compared to our grandparents era (after factoring in for inflation and such), meat eaters are still spending more on their food than veggie eaters.

Using the figures provided, a vegan day costs $3.50 less than a meat-eating day. By having plant-based meals once a week, the cost savings will add up to $182 in a year! Not to mention the reduction in carbon and methane emission if we incorporate more veggies and take it easy with the meats.

As much as I support vegetarianism and veganism, one thing to keep in mind is that the kinds of food we choice to eat is more important than the sheer labels "vegetarians" and "vegans".

Image credit: LearnVest


delwin said...

wow eating less meat can save a lot.

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