Fooducate to Educate

2010 was a year for many things, and without a doubt, smartphone apps were huge last year. Riding on this trend and convenience, Fooducate created a new app for all you iPhone users to help you become more nutrition-savvy in 2011.

Scan the barcode and you'll get the nutrition breakdown of the product. The app will also give you a grade for the food (not sure how the grading system is set up). Then it'll give you healthier alternatives with similar products.

One caveat: as smart as this app is, the best way to discern food products is still by reading the food label and ingredients list. At best, the app is an assistant and a shortcut for your own eyes and brain.

But the app is free! So we just might be able to stick to 2 new year resolutions with 1 nifty app- saving money and eating better.

For more info, hop on over to http://www.fooducate.com/

Image credit: itunes.apple.com 


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