An Edu-cation

Yay for organic farming practices!
Healdsburg, CA 
It sure is nice to be back on HEALing Foodie after such a lengthy hiatus! Now that I've wrapped up the grad school chapter of life, the next to-do is passing the registered dietitian exam. But first up is a week-long trip to NorCal where I got an edu-cation - "educational vacation"!

Places I Went and Things I Saw:
[-] Intensive monoculture along the I-5. Endless fields of corn (pretty sure they're all GM), strawberries, oranges and other vegetation.
Hello, my fuuuury friend. 
[-] Who can forget all the cows in the blazing sun, eating GM feed, and standing in dirt laced with their own feces? Sad and gross.
[-] An up-close encounter with the biggest 2-year old St. Bernard!
[-] Biodynamic farms in Healdsburg where holistic approaches are used along with an astronomical calendar for sowing and planting. Astrology for plants!
[-] Biking 12+ miles in the hot sun to see the wine country. It wasn't easy, but it's one of my most memorable  (and low ecological impact) adventures to date!
Leafy Sea Dragon!
[-] The majestic sea life at Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's time to stop polluting, clean up our messes, and save these amazing creatures!
[-] Getting my set of Eco Quiz Deck!! It turns out to be a fun way to pass time during road trips.
[-] Last but not least, amazing meals with amazing friends! Vegan enchiladas and a fantastic pork chop with fingerling potatoes and fava bean "succotash". YUM-O!

So now I'm super refreshed and inspired after this awesome trip. Can't wait to recreate some vegan goodness and adopt more eco-conscious lifestyle habits! Stay tuned for more sustainable and sensible eating updates, folks!


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A memorable/educated trip =D

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