Multitasking- it's a valued trait. It's important to have whether you're a job seeker or a household cleaner product. In my job, I frequently advocate for finding items that can be used in multiple ways to eliminate "food clutter", i.e. endless jars of sauces and bottles of salad dressings in the fridge.

In a previous post, I shared the recipe for chia seed pudding which is intended to be a dessert. As I made it more often, it become a frequent fixture in the fridge. But there's only so much chia pudding a person can eat. One early morning while I was getting for work, a brilliant idea came to me- let's mix in the pudding into the yogurt!

The texture of the pudding plays nicely with yogurt since it's creamy but with a nice bite from the seeds. The ratio of pudding to yogurt isn't an exact science since a) we're not baking and b) it's really a personal preference. For myself, I find a 1:3 ratio to be a happy medium.

The most important part of this recipe is to choose a plain yogurt. Most commercially pre-flavored yogurts are nothing more than vehicles for sugar delivery. To get a little sweetness, try any of the following but keep in mind the amount used.

  • Fresh or frozen berries, peaches, mangoes, or any fruits you like 
  • Dried currants or raisins 
  • Honey or agave syrup 
  • Low-sugar granola or cereal

Keeping in line with the theme of multitasking, this post was written while I cooked breakfast, paid credit card bill, and did my usual Facebook stalking on people whom I haven't connected with years.

*You can find the recipe for chia pudding here


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