My American Idol: Michael Pollan

If you're familiar with the Twilight movies, you know how Jacob (aka Buff Werewolf) and Edward (aka Pasty Vampire) can get millions of girls' hearts racing. Well, Michael Pollan is my version of Jacob or Edward. Watch him exude his intellectual sexiness on Oprah last month. 

His newest book is Food Rules. If you're scrunched for time but want to read something enlightening, check out the 112-pager. I promise it'll make you rethink food and the way we eat in the time it takes you to watch American Idol

"Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much." Michael Pollan. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth!

What a great idea you had to create this blog. All the information is useful, interesting, and informative. Love it!


Anonymous said...

that's interesting

Elizabeth Lee said...

Thanks Andrea! I'm glad you enjoy the info on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Eliz! This brings me back to talking about the book in the hallways between our rooms... remember I got him to sign the Omnivores Dilemma! He wrote, "Vote with your fork! - Michael Pollan" <3 Beans

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