Bottled Water: Pure Water or Pure Nonsense?

Bottled water is a modern convenience that comes at a great cost to your wallet and the environment. Even if you're willing to shell out dough for it, is it really worth the outrageous price?

A common belief about these bottled conveniences is that they're safer than tap water. This cannot be more wrong. Millions of dollars are spent on promoting and marketing the (mis)perception of purity each year. The reality is "bottled waters do not have to be tested as rigorously as tap waters or disinfected to the same extent" as renowned author Marion Nestle wrote in What to Eat. On the other hand, water that comes through your kitchen faucet is regulated by the government and state.

For those who are interested in the math, tap water costs roughly $0.003 per gallon. More "affordable" brands like Dasani costs $5.28 per gallon. "Luxury water" like Voss costs $15.56. And we complain about the rising gas prices? This is beyond ridiculous as most bottled water is just repackaged tap water with a few minerals thrown in

Moreover, the manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of the bottles come at a great cost to the environment. Oil is required to make plastic bottles and to truck them to stores. After the water has been consumed, 9 out of 10 bottles are thrown away and not recycled.

While tap water may not pure, neither are most bottled water. Installing or purchasing a filter for your home or office can take care of most unwanted particles in tap water. Using a reusable container like Nalgene or Klean Kanteen can save you money, reduce environmental damage, and ensure you're always properly hydrated. 

If you're concerned about the quality of drinking water in your city, visit EPA's Web site.


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tap water is definitely cheaper than bottled =D

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