Product Props: Tazo Organic Chai Spiced Black Tea Latte Concentrate

Calling all chai enthusiasts and Starbucks junkies!

I stumbled upon Tazo's Organic Chai Latte Concentrate when Whole Foods offered a coupon a few months ago. Was I glad I came across this! No more coughing up $3.50+ per cup for warm milk and a little flavored sugar syrup at Starbucks in between classes!

I'm recommending this product from a money-saving standpoint more so than a nutrition one. This latte concentrate contains 16 grams of sugar per serving which is equivalent to 4 teaspoons of sugar. BUT if this product can convince non-(soy/almond/cow)milk drinkers to consume more calcium goodness, then it may have some nutritional value to it.

A 32-oz. box costs about $4.50 (depending on where you get it). The cheapest I've seen is $2.99 when it was on sale at Henry's Farmers Market. Each box makes 8 servings (using 4 fl. oz of concentrate) which is a bargain comparing to what Starbucks charges. Plus, you can tailor the drink to your taste- add more milk or more latte concentrate or steep in a black tea bag for strong flavor!

With a Thermos of hot (or cold) chai latte, you can abstain from that morning (or afternoon) run to the coffee shop!


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