Tomorrow will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. As a supporter of a healthier planet, I hope everyone  will make one change in their daily routine that will help conserve natural resources and reduce pollution.

Here are some ideas that are less talked about but equally effective at helping our planet!
[-] Recycle beyond the kitchen!
Don't forget about cardboard from toilet paper rolls and paper wrappers from tea.

[-] BYOT!
Bring your own Tupperware if you know you're going to doggy-bag part of your dinner. This can save lots of Styrofoam containers and plastic bags.

[-] Buy in bulk!  
Many grocery stores sell grains, cereals, and nuts in bulk. Buying in bulk can reduce unnecessary packaging.

[-] Eat less processed foods!
Foods like luncheon meats and snack items are usually highly processed and prepackaged. Eating less of these foods can reduce the fossil fuel used during processing and packaging.

[-] Clotheslining!
Weather-permitting, drying clothes in the sun can save electricity and reduce carbon emission. UV rays from sunlight can also have some bacteria-killing power. An added bonus is that clothes last longer when they spend less time in the dryer.

[-] Unplug the plug!
As long as an appliance is still plugged into the outlet, small amounts of electricity is still being used to keep it on "standby". Unplugging hair dryers, computers, cell phone chargers, etc. when not in use can save 6% to 26% annually on your electricity bill.

[-] Glass please! 
Instead of buying plastic containers to hold food and drinks, try reusing glass containers that some juice, honey, and spaghetti sauce come in. Glass is less reactive than aluminum and plastic and can last for a very long time. And it's BPA-free!

What planet-friendly change(s) will you commit to on Earth Day? Please share your eco-friendly ways on Healing Foodie!

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delwin said...

Already doing all those. How about installing low flow water heads around the house. Reduce water usage.

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