Meatless Monday: Green Eggs but No Ham

Eating out can make staying healthful hard sometimes, but it's so much fun when my dinner teaches me a thing or two about new culinary techniques or some creative innovations.

Case in point: green eggs! The mossy-looking clusters are actually egg whites with some spinach juice beaten in. Instead of having all ranges or beige and white in the soup, the specks of green make it refreshing both to the eyes and the palate. How simple yet genius!

Instead of using food coloring to make green eggs for next St. Patrick's Day, try adding spinach juice instead for a fun and nutritious twist! Or have a little fun with eggs in the morning or lunch on Meatless Mondays!

Pictured above is a broth with white fungus, tofu, and green egg whites from Chang's Garden in Arcadia, CA.


delwin said...

An interesting take of using spinach juice

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