Skinny Fat

I remember taking a bioelectrical impedance test with a hand-held gizmo when I was in 9th grade PE. My friend C was what some people called a "skinny girl" and was most definitely slimmer than me. When it was her turn with the gizmo, I couldn't believe the "26%" that was flashing on the small screen! At that time, I couldn't understand why her body fat percentage was so high. After all, she was the "skinny" one. And of course, our PE teacher only supplied us with a shallow explanation of our results. It wasn't until I was in college that I learned about subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Finally, the myth of skinniness equates health is slowly being debunked!  

But skinny fat? I wish a more healthful name is used instead of sensationalizing an important health concept with a word that has so much association with superficial appearance.


Tasia said...

I'm at 30%, I always thought I was fine. Haha

delwin said...

I wonder what is mine now.

Elizabeth Lee said...

@ Tasia: One thing to distinguish is body fat percentage from BMI (body mass index). However, 30% in either category falls into the "unhealthful" range. I hope you'll have the opportunity to find out your number soon!

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