FoV of the Month: Okra for Meatless Monday

The oblong, green okra pods of the cotton family were first introduced to the U.S. by Ethiopian slaves. Okra, or lady fingers, remain as a popular vegetable in the South today.

Aside from appearing in the fried form, okra is commonly found in Indian cuisine where they're used in curry dishes. They can also be sautéed and stewed with tomatoes, corn kernels, onions, or sweet peppers to make a variety of nutritious dishes as they're packed with fiber and vitamin C. 

If okra is new to you, don't be alarmed by its slimy texture. The pods become more slimy after they've been washed so keep them dry until they're ready to be used. Also, trimming off the ends and minimizing overcooking okra can reduce the sliminess. However, this texture is perfectly normal and can help thicken stews and soups to a desired consistency.

When buying okra, look for pods that are shorter than 4 inches and are bright green and firm. Longer pods are usually more fibrous and tough. In California, these pods are in season from about May to October although they're available fresh year-round in the southern states.

Celebrate the beginning of okra season this Meatless Monday

Photo from chinesevegetables.co.uk


delwin said...

I didn't know that they are in season now.

Elizabeth said...

@ Delwin: Nom nom nom on okra between now and October!

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