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Since posting about the horrific treatment of calves (baby cows) that are raised for veal, I've been inspired to support the ethical treatment of dairy cows* by finding a dairy alternative for my morning cereal. Also, humans are the only species that consume another animal's milk. There is no real need for me to be drinking cow's milk since it makes so little evolutionary sense.

So alas, I found a terrific dairy alternative next to the soy and rice milks- almond milk! Granted it has less protein than cow's milk, almond milk does have fewer calories and saturated fat which is helpful in preventing heart disease. Because it's fortified with calcium and vitamin D, almond milk from Blue Diamond has comparable bone-strengthening power as cow's milk. 

There are a few brands of almond milk in the market, but I've found Almond Breeze to be most palatable and nutritionally balanced. The product pictured is the sweetened vanilla variety. However, I prefer the original and the unsweetened vanilla varieties more because they have less added sugar. Aside from having it with cereal, almond milk is also great in Tazo Chai Lattes and for baking. 

Depending on the store, each 64 fl. oz. carton runs between $2.99 to $3.99. Give almond milk a try as a dairy alternative or if you're ready to venture away from soy milk!

* Dairy cows are impregnated against their wellbeing to keep their milk production going. Their babies, or calves, are often taken away at birth to be raised for veal. In a sense, veal is a byproduct of the dairy industry.   


delwin said...

I have been drinking this for couple of days now. Just a subtle taste of almond. Not a bad substitute for cow's milk.

court said...

absolutely love the asterisk. most people never think of that!

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