Meatless Monday: Leftover Curry

After a satisfying dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, it saddened me to see the servers take the dishes that held the curry away. The once tasty Panang shrimp curry is resting happily in my belly, but remaining in the dish is the savory sauce that I hate to leave behind. 

Refusing to let the perfectly delicious curry become food waste this time, I decided to take it home even though all the shrimps in the sauce had been gobbled up. So what is a teensy amount of leftover curry good for? A second meal! 

Using leftover brown rice, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, and some carrots, the Panang curry from last night's dinner was jazzed up to become my vegetarian curry lunch today. I simply softened coins of carrots and chopped cabbage and scooped the delicious curry into the pot. Liquid for thinning the sauce wasn't necessary because the veggies release lots of water. Lastly, I added in rinsed bean sprouts and gave it a good stir. Topped the veggies on a bed of brown rice and lunch was ready! Tofu and other veggies are great substitutions if you don't have these ingredients on hand. 

This method not only reduces food waste but also saves time and money. Of course, further waste reduction can be achieved when you BYOT- bring your own Tupperware- if you anticipate on bringing some leftovers home. 

Leftover curry with veggies  for Meatless Monday is sure to satisfy your taste buds and keep your wallet fat!


delwin said...

yummy =D

Jme said...

You are a genius! I always look longingly at the leftover sauce!!!

court said...

Eliz! this is definitely not a meatless monday if the sauce was shrimpy! but i applaud your use of leftovers :)

Elizabeth said...

@ Jme: We curry fiends can finally stop looking longingly at the leftover sauce! I wonder if it works well with Indian curry...
@ Court: Yes, shrimp definitely disqualifies being meatless, but the second meal I got out of it is mostly vegetarian. I guess it's semi-meatless monday at best?

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