The title warranted 3 exclamation marks because I was THAT excited when I found organic strawberries! As elusive as Yeti to me before the discovery, I couldn't find organic strawberries anywhere- not at farmers market nor grocery stores. I even tried to find them at fruit stands set up next to farms and still no success... until they showed up at my local grocery store 2 weeks ago!

From the Dirty Dozen list, strawberries are one of the fruits that are most heavily doused with pesticide. Organic strawberries generally cost more than conventionally grown ones, but for the sake of health, they're definitely worth the extra dollar. Aside from health reasons, organic strawberries actually taste like strawberries! After eating so many sour strawberry-lookalikes, my tastebuds have refused to taste anything but the organic ones because the flavor explosion is just so indescribable.

The 16 oz. box of delicious strawberries pictured sold for $2.99 at Trader Joe's. Pesticide-free strawberries are also available at some farmers markets which are a terrific alternative to certified organic ones.


Jme said...

The farmer's market in SLO has pesticide free strawberries at almost every stand and they are soo delicious. The non-chemical strawberries definitely taste better!

delwin said...

It does taste better.

Elizabeth said...

@ Jme: Pesticide-free strawberries should be more readily available at markets. At least it gives people the option of a more natural version without paying the higher prices for organic.
@ Delwin: SOOOOO much better!

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