Shenanigans at the Supermarket

As much as I enjoy certain Asian specialties, most Asian supermarkets baffle me in more ways than one. See photo for case in point. I'm not sure if the fish is being called "idiot" or it's implying that the people who purchase it are.

Also spotted on the same day in the same grocery store is Chilean Sea Bass for sale at $8.99 per pound. This is also baffling since the sea bass is from China. Either way, Chilean Sea Bass has been consistently red-listed by Seafood Watch in the past few years. I guess this supermarket missed that memo? For more reasons to boycott sea bass, visit Seafood Watch at Monterey Bay Aquarium and how you can support sustainable seafood.


delwin said...

haha I had a good laugh when I first saw it.

Terry said...

I would like to have known what their answer would be as to what they meant by that sign. "Hey...whose the IDIOT...the fish or the buyer?" Weird stuff!

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