Box o' Harvest into Plates o' Grub!

This week, I've been trying to incorporate all the veggies from my CSA box in my dinners. So here is a snippet of what went down in my kitchen laboratory. 

Tuesday: Parmesan chicken breast salad tossed in homemade honey mustard dressing with mixed quinoa.
[Japanese mustard lends a pungent wasabi-like spiciness that makes store-bought honey mustard taste like weak sauce.] 

Wednesday: Sautéed kale and turkey meatball over whole wheat penne (with some grated parm, of course).
[Sauteing kale with a fruity white wine like a Viognier balances out the veggie's bitterness.]

Thursday: Red wine beef stew with carrots and assorted squash. 
[Using liquid from the stew to make a gravy that intensifies the flavors.]


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Yummy =D

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