Meatless Monday: Box o' Harvest

After a week of much anticipation and waiting, the day to pick up my very first CSA box finally came! CSA, or community supported agriculture, has gained popularity in some regions because consumers are more interested in locally grown organic food. A byproduct of the partnership between consumers and CSA is economic support for local farmers. Another plus for supporters of CSA is the element of epicurean surprise- the produce changes every week to reflect the current crops and harvests.

CSA boxes are usually ordered online and either delivered to a designated address or picked up at a location. The plans are flexible (weekly, monthly, etc.), and some are rather affordable! I had decided to try the $15 box from South Central Farmers' Cooperative and picked up at Whole Foods Market on Arroyo Parkway. My box awaited me with carrots, yellow and scallop squash, zucchinisartichokes, a variety of kale, some chard, and two types of lettuces.

The experience of getting fresh cut veggies that still have dirt on them is unparalleled. There was quite a bit of washing and trimming to be done after I got the box home, but it was well worth the effort. Not only was everything fresh and crisp, each vegetable carried their natural fragrance that is often lost in commercially-grown produce.

Now it's time to figure out what to do with my glorious box o' harvest on this Meatless Monday! I would appreciate any recipes or ideas on how to use these veggies (especially scallop squash and artichokes)!


delwin said...

I can't wait to try some out. =D

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