Ice Cream: Part of a Healthful Regimen

Someone from my workplace once asked if I'm a hater of red meat and a lover of V8 because I'm an almost-dietitian. Umm, no. At times, nothing beats a (small) piece of buttery grass-fed beef, and I despise V8 with vengeance.

Some may mistake me for taking the fun out of food because I care about nutrition. That cannot be further from the truth. I enjoy indulging in the finer foods in life as much as the next person- wine, cheese, anything with chocolate, you name it. My latest indulgence being artisan ice-cream.

Recently, I had the pleasure of stumbling (technically it was a premeditative excursion) into Lake Street Creamery. My encounter with the owner Beth and her ice-cream have reaffirmed my passion for quality, hand-packed frozen delights that are made with love and creativity.

Frozen treats rarely take residence in my freezer. It's far too easy to overeat if it's within reach. And as the name implies, frozen treats are treats. They wouldn't be treats if I have them all the time. For this reason, I'm only willing to spend my hard-earned discretionary calories on truly extraordinary food- like the amazing ice-cream from Lake Street Creamery!

This whimsical ice-cream truck offers one-of-a-kind combinations that pack serious flavors. My foodie half and I tried the Pancake Breakfast and California Zephyr which were both as memorable as they were delectable. Imagine condensing pancake, maple syrup, coffee, and a side of bacon (yes, bacon!) into a scoop of creaminess. But the vanilla base with Meyer lemon and mint in California Zephyr had me at hello. It was just the right amount of freshness and smoothness for a sunny, idyllic Saturday afternoon.

Scoops are served in waffle bowls and eaten with wooden spoons. Not only are the ice-cream creatively delicious, the wooden spoons added a hint of nostalgia to the whole experience. I cannot wait to see Beth again at Lake Street Creamery for my next frozen treat fix (donut-flavor ice-cream!!!).

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delwin said...

Can't wait to go try it again

Jme said...

This is why I <3 you!! It's all about the enjoyment of amazing food. What's the point of eating the calories if they aren't 100% worth it! I may have to request a visit here next time :)!

Elizabeth said...

@ Jme: Why settle for mediocrity, right? I'll try to be Twitter-savvy by your next visit so we can find Beth and her heavenly goodness.

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