When Life Hands Me Sub-Par Melons

Summer is upon us! There have been all kinds melons for sale at markets, but unfortunately, not all of them are very good. Some aren't nearly as sweet as they should be, some were picked way before they were ready, and some are just water encased in shells to resemble melons. 

So what to do when life hands us sub-par melons? Bust out the blender! Watermelon and honeydew are excellent candidates for chopping up and throwing into the blender. Pictured above is honeydew-ade made with half a melon with a splash of store-bought lemonade. Definitely an invigorating beverage on a hot summer afternoon! Plus, it's an easy, easy way to get 2 or more servings of fruit into the day!  

I suppose this method can work for cantaloupe, but I'm not sure if it has the right flavor profile to be complemented by lemonade. 

Bust out your blender to make some melon-ade this Independence Day! Stay tuned this week for another simple watermelon recipe that's perfect for Independence (or any) Day. 


delwin said...

Hopefully the pineapple this time will taste better....haha

Elizabeth said...

Hmm, not sure how successful pineapple would be in this recipe...

JanLEAPRD said...

Nice Blog!
Right now, I have some melon cut up, frozen on a cookie sheet, then placed into a sealed bag. (I had an extra melon when we had to leave town for a week.) Then, it goes in my Vitamix with whatever other fruits, veggies, etc. Every batch changes a bit, but I rarely throw away produce or even "skins" if it's getting over-ripe and we're not eating it fast enough!

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