Product Props: Trader Joe's Masala Lentil Dip

It has been a while since I've come across a food product that I really love and can give props to. But Trader Joe's (no surprise) has captured my palate again with their new Masala Lentil Dip

Taking a spin on Middle Eastern hummus, this dip uses lentils as the base instead of garbanzo beans. Also, it steps away from traditional Mediterranean flavors by using Indian masala spices. 

The serving size is about 2 tablespoons for this Indian-inspired dip so it's easy to overindulge and end up eating half the container before you know it. But for its nutritional content, this lentil dip is low in calories and fat and is a good source of fiber and some lean protein. The only thing to be concerned about is the amount of sodium, especially if I have 3 or 4 servings at one sitting. 

The most scrumptious way I've eaten this lentil dip is with toasted whole wheat pita triangles. They make for a delicious light lunch or an extraordinary party food.

Each 7 oz. container sells for $1.99- no doubt a tasty bargain


delwin said...

great finger food =D

Joanna said...

I have some in my bag for lunch TODAY! I can't wait until NOON!

Elizabeth said...

@Joanna: YAY for awesome lunches!

Just had some with cherry tomatoes and blanched broccoli for snack today. One of the most satisfying snacks in my history.

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