The Amazing, In-Edible Egg

The recent egg recall that involved half a BILLION eggs sparked a lot of interest about food safety in the States.

Food safety regulations in the U.S. are too lax in many ways. As described by the video, we've had plenty food scares in the past few years. Beef, lettuce, tomatoes, peanuts, and eggs just to name a few. So who or what is the culprit?

I'd like to think that we can turn to someone and hold him or her responsible for such fiascoes. However, when it comes down to it, greed is the ultimate guilty party here. Greed from both the food industry and, to a certain degree, the consumers.

Industrial farmers are business people, too. Their main goal is to maximize profits, and sometimes food safety and animal welfare are severely compromised in order to make more $$. It's unethical but increasing profit is what doing business is about.

Indirectly fueling the business fire are consumers. There is a plethora of food greed around us everyday- value menus at fast food restaurants, beyond cheap processed junk foods, meats in family-sized packs at warehouse stores, and a love affair with buffets. Saddest of all is that some of this food end up being thrown out and into landfills every year. If Americans will curb their appetite a little by choosing quality over quantity and not eat too much, there won't be such a demand for fast, cheap food that make us sick.

If you would like to see safer foods in the market and less food scares, please take a moment to support the Slow Food USA petition to Congress. It's about time we restore the health of Americans through "good, clean, and fair food." 

"Congress: make our food edible.
We demand better control of and more accountability
from our food industry to ensure the health of all Americans."


d said...

We definitely need more control on where our food comes from

Elizabeth said...

@ D: Most def! Same for pet foods.

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