Au Naturale with Gastrobus

It has been more than 3 months since my first encounter with Gastrobus at the LA Street Food Fest. Finally, we were reunited at Los Feliz Farmers Market on a fine Sunday afternoon. Every dish was prepped with ingredients from the farmers market. Not only were they seasonal items, they were also local and pesticide-free! It was the perfect way to satiate my tummy after a yoga sesh!

Croque Madame (ham, cheese, bechamel, fried egg) 
The flavor of this farm fresh, cage-free, antibiotic-free egg is indescribable. It tasted like... an egg! A revelation indeed.

Cherry tomato omelette (herbs, jack cheese, toast) 

Yes to more cheese! Tomato "relish" was beyond words... perfect accompaniment to the omelette.

Corn & green bean salad (cilantro, chicharones)

Clever use of pork rind, but I don't really care for them. I've always wanted to do a salad with corn and green bean... thanks to Gastrobus, I now have an inspiration! 

Asian pear cider

Amazing cider to wash down all the deliciousness. Also a perfect refreshment for an outrageously warm October day. 


the actor's diet said...

gastrobus sounds awesome! i love the idea of local, seasonal, and pesticide free food on wheels.

delwin said...

i wonder when is the next street food fest =D

Jme said...

Those photos make me soo hungry!! :P yummy!

kAt said...

i'm definitely going with you guys the next time you go to the street food fest! =)

Elizabeth said...

@ Lynn: I wish there are more trucks like Gastrobus!

@ Delwin: I think I can only afford to do it once a year. Too much food, too much standing, too many people!

@ Jme: They were amazingly delicious! Another item to add to list of things to do when you're here?

@ Kat: Yes! Lets!

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