Drop Dead Gorgeous

Straight, obedient hair even on a rainy day is the stuff of many women's dream. That was my dream for many years, too. I was a devoted patron of Japanese thermal straightening until I realized how much crappy chemicals the treatment involved. So when Brazilian blowout was available, I thought I had found my new hair savior that is friendly to both my health and the planet....

... Until researchers found formaldehyde in the Brazilian blowout solution! Formaldehyde, a chemical commonly found in hair dye, nail polish, and eyelash glue, probably won't make people drop dead. But it is potentially a carcinogen that is used to preserve cadavers. Eek. In cosmetics, it is used to prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

While commercial-worthy shiny hair would be nice to have, I would choose having a little uncontrollable, voluminous mess once in a while over being intoxicated with more organ-harming chemical . 


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