Celebrity Status for Food Politics

Another brilliantly funny, well-articulated argument from Stephen Colbert. It's unfortunate that some in the courtroom think that checking a Blackberry is more enthralling than hearing the testimony on such an important issue.

As Marion Nestle wrote in her book What to Eat
"The choices you make about food are as much about this kind of world you want to live in as they are about what to have for dinner. Food choices are about your future and that of your children. They are about nothing less than democracy in action."
Migrant farmers are people who deserve to enjoy the democracy of America. The kinds of foods we choose ultimately reflects how much we care for these folks who leave their families behind to fill the kind of jobs that most Americans are too arrogant and vain to fill. 


Jme said...

I watched this in a coffee shop while wearing earbuds and looked a bit crazy when I started laughing loudly because of this statement: "I don't want a tomato picked by a Mexican, I want it picked by American then sliced by Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian."

I was very happy to see Colbert highlighting a very important and controversial topic. The debates are usually so illogical, it's nice that he can parody the craziness.

delwin said...

wow...someone was checking their phone.

Elizabeth said...

@ Jme: He does parody so well! I agree that it almost takes a bit of wackiness to tackle a subject like this. Him and Jon Stewart are my reliable sources of news. I hope the general public will be more aware about migrant farmers' wellbeing after this broadcast that could've been bumped up to C-SPAN 1.

@ Delwin: Talk about professionalism...

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