HEALing Foodie in San Francisco

The past weekend was the San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival. While the Los Angeles Racing Dragons (LARD) and other teams paddled their heart out at the Festival, I was eating my heart out around the city and documenting delicious findings.

Click to enlarge photos for deliciousness-overload.

First meal at L's Caffe.
Decent sandwich and salad, perfect location (close to the next destination- see below).

As seen on Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate
Home of "Secret Breakfast" 

Kadota figs


Olive oil tasting

Bears like 'em fresh organic pluots and plums, too! 

Tribute to Team LARD

Sunday brunch with my SB neighbor and her "plus 1" at Oola

12 PM- perfect time for mimosas

Birthplace of a couple of foodies, pinnacle of the entire trip (and every trip to SF).
Firefly @ SF

Breakfast of champions provided by Tom Colicchio and team at 'Wichcraft

Team LARD gave some admirable performance on the water, and SF gave me some SERIOUS yummies for my tummy. Win win situation!


delwin said...

delicious!! can't wait to go back again.

meghan said...

Oh my goodness. So this is what you were up to when not at TI!! It looks like you had a fabulous time and got to try some really neat things. :]

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