When Coffee Meets Almond Milk

As much as I enjoy almond milk, there are certain places (foods) that it should never go into. Case in point, coffee. The milk completely separated into a heterogeneous mess once it hit the coffee. Thankfully it didn't alter the taste of the drink!

From Blue Bottle Coffee cart at Vermont Farmers Market
Another food to avoid using almond milk for is frittata (or any egg dish for that matter). It doesn't fluff right and leaves the eggs a funny grey tinge. Eek.

With that said, almond milk fairs much better when used in fruit smoothies. Now that the thermostat is starting to drop, it's time to experiment with hot chocolate a la almond milk!


the actor's diet said...

the only almond milk i've found that works in coffee is almond breeze. the rest is just...yuck!

Elizabeth said...

@ Lynn: The Blue Bottle Coffee cart was using Almond Breeze. I wonder why it separated in my coffee and not yours. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

It definitely works with tea...

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