Change Is Coming

Is time-warping a symptom of getting older? One minute I was posting about Thanksgiving, and the next, it's almost the end of the year! The other explanation is that the tryptophan from my turkey really knocked me out- for almost 2 weeks!

For me, the year's end is usually a time for reflection- reflecting to appreciate for the good, to learn from the not so good, and to find clarity for my next steps in the new year. It has been a tremendous year to say the least, and to get a head start on some new steps for 2011, I've decided to expand HEALing Foodie! I might be using the term "expand" rather loosely here, but my dear friend and fellow foodie Meghan P. (see her bio on the left) has graciously agreed to be a guest blogger, and I cannot be more thrilled! Our friendship only dates back to earlier this year, but we've definitely had our share of foodie moments and adventures already. I also like the fact that she is a health-conscious foodie who has a good dose of skepticism with fad foods. I'm excited to collaborate with Meghan here and in the kitchen. So stay tuned for her first post coming your way REAL soon!

Aside from changes on HEALing Foodie, there have been some substantial changes about food on a national level. The Senate has passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act while the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act will be signed into law next Monday by President Obama. Talk about may-jah changes on the food front!

Even though the 2 pieces of legislation are milestones of progress, there remains much to be corrected and revised with our current food system. On his show, Stephen Colbert sat down with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and raised a discerning point on the topic of subsidies and children nutrition.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the United States government don’t want our kids to eat. you know, like fats in meat, sugars, extracted from corn, which is super, super cheap. Why do we subsidize those and then say to the kids, don’t eat it? Why don’t we just not subsidize it anymore. They won’t make as much and it will be too expensive for kids to get?”
Yea, just why is USDA contradicting itself by spending millions of dollars to ameliorate a problem it has a hand in creating?


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