Meatless Monday: Quinoa, Spinach & Butternut Squash

During my routine restaurant Yelping (which has quickly turned into a favorite pastime of mine), I stumbled upon Huckleberry. It boasts a menu that was thiiiiiis close to convincing me to brave the LA traffic and drive across town to get to. Specifically, I had been eyeing the "Quinoa, spinach & butternut squash with two sunny side up eggs" on the breakfast menu. Yes, quinoa for breakfast! What a brilliant concept... and absolutely wholesome and nutritious! Then Lynn over at The Actor's Diet posted about the exact dish that had tantalized me for almost a whole week.

I took it as the universe's subtle hint of telling me that I needed to try it. As much as I wanted to be in the presence of the original masterpiece, it just wasn't going to happen in the midst of finals week. So I did the next best thing- busted out my pan and started cooking!

Runny yolks make some people squirm. Not me. I love the gooey, yellow marigold goodness. In this case, it is the soul of the dish. The "liquid gold" takes the place of a sauce and adds richness to an otherwise rudimentary dish.

To take a shortcut, I used pre-cubed butternut squash pieces from Trader Joe's and sauteed with garlic then simmered with vegetable broth. They didn't quite taste like freshly roasted ones but certainly did the job during the time crunch.

 Eating well during finals week? Checked and passed.

The ingredients list:
Quinoa | Vegetable broth | Baby spinach leaves | Butternut squash | Eggs | Minced garlic | 


the actor's diet said...

that dish is totally something i think could be recreated well at home. i think the secret is roasted garlic!

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