2011: Year of the Veggies

Chinese/Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and in Chinese zodiac, 2011 is year of the rabbit. In the culinary realm, 2011 might be known as Year of the Vegetable. Cue applause from veggie supporters everywhere!

Animal protein's popularity isn't dwindling anytime soon. No matter how much we find out about animal exploitation at factory farms or how those farms, especially cattle farms, contribute to global warming, meat, poultry, and fish aren't going anywhere soon.

But in 2011, expect to see more chefs and cooks willingly venture into highlighting veggies in an entrée instead of putting them on the sidelines. With just 26% of the nation's adults meeting the recommended 3 servings of veggies a day, the increased focus on making them appealing might help us establish a better relationship with edible plants. As George Ball wrote on the WSJ,
Let's make 2011 the Year of the Vegetable. We have nothing to lose but our waistlines.
Tired of the standard veggie dishes? Check out CNN's Eatocracy for some inspired recipes for winter vegetables! Perfect for this Meatless Monday and every other day of the winter season.

What is your favorite way of eating veggies?
(And French fries don't count as a serving of vegetables.)


the actor's diet said...

i find if you roast a veggie, any veggie, it'll taste 20x more amazing!

delwin said...

Use in soups =D
or eating them raw like a cow haha

Terry said...

I like chorizo and have it on rare occasions but then I learned what is in it...salivary glands, lymph nodes (I think) and spices. Now that is pretty disgusting! I found turkey chorizo at Trader Joes but is was just OK. Then found Soyrizo at Ralph's Market (at others as well I believe) that was better and no meat. However it has 9 grams of fat with only .5 of that saturated. I guess that fat is from the canola oil in the ingredients. Great with eggs or as a meat substitute in spaghetti sauce.

HEALing Foodie said...

@ Lynn: Agreed! Roasting brings out the better side of most foods!
@ Delwin: Or raw like bunnies and hamsters!
@ Terry: Soyrizos are fun as a treat but most of them are still very high in fat and full of additives. Veggies in their true form are much better at delivering good nutrients with less calories and chemicals.

j said...

roasted veggies are definitely awesome!! Happy veggie year, glad to hear it! And yes to the soy chorizo. I don't make much with it but the items TJ's have made with it are really good.

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