Bouchons Au Thon

My relationship with canned tuna has been a rather tumultuous one. I go through phases where I really really like it followed by periods of "meh". I'm not sure why but I always get this itch that tempts me to give it a try just one more time. My last attempt with canned tuna has been a fruitful one... perhaps even a glorious one.

My mom compared these tuna jewels to the much more sophisticated crab cakes. Since these are baked, I'm not sure if they can be similar on a textural level. But they are so good. I couldn't resist and ate one right from the pan as it came out of the oven. I'm glad I forged ahead to make these despite being a bit intimidated by its impressive French name at first. 

The original recipe does call for 3 whole eggs. The dietitian in me had to take out 1 egg yolk since there's creme fraiche already. It's all about balance, right?

Concerned about methylmercury in canned tuna (and other seafood)? Check out the latest recommendations from Seafood Watch!

Also, buy canned tuna that have the "dolphin safe label." Dolphins are often caught along with tuna because they swim in similar waters. Also, dolphins are sometimes used as "fishing guides" to tuna. For this recipe, I chose Trader Joe's no salt added canned tuna in water- dolphin-safe and health-friendly!

Recipe from A Homemade Life @ Orangette.


delwin said...

Taste great when it is hot from the oven =D

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