You Are What You Eat... Breathe, Use, & Drink

The adage "you are what you eat" is a well-hearsed one. But a recent finding may call for an update to that old saying because everything we breathe, use, or drink can get absorbed into our fat stores.
Image credit: A Chuck & Beans cartoon by Brian from the Shoebox Blog via http://www.blabla.co.za

Just like how methylmercury clings to the fatty tissues in fish, many pollutants and toxins we encounter are fat soluble. They can't be excreted out so they reside in our fat. So what happens when someone goes through weight loss?

The fat "melts" away,  but the chemicals inside those fat cells don't. The study suggests that they're released from the fat and float around in our bloodstream wrecking havoc. Ick.

All the more reason that we need to keep nasty chemicals out of bodies as much as possible- starting with pesticide-free produce and eliminating toxic household and personal care products.

To read more on how losing fat can leach out chemicals, visit msnbc.


meghan said...

Interesting facts... so when I joke that I'm 50% breakfast cereal and 50% peanut butter, it's literally true!

HEALing Foodie said...

LoL. It's not like if you lose weight, the cereal and PB will start leaching out though.

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