Tea Party

Not the right-wing, anti-government type.
But not quite the mad tea party with Alice and the Hatter either.
Just the kind of fun afternoon you'd expect to have with friends...
and of course adorable kitty teapots! 

Afternoon tea at Chado Tea Room in Pasadena and the tower of treats shared with a friend... or two!
   4 tea sandwiches.
   1 scone with strawberry cream and jam.
   1 cake and biscuit.
   1 pot of tea.

Tea contains some powerful antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols. Because black tea has been oxidized during processing, the amount of antioxidant is less compared to white tea and green tea.

We tried an earl grey with lavender (a black tea) and a delicious tea called cherry sencha (a green tea). We all agree that the cherry sencha was a winner!

The "tea partiers". Pinkies up!  

A tea party every now and then does the body and the soul some good. Cheers to good friends and tea!


delwin said...

so fancy =D

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