4-Minute Egg and Apple Salad

I can sense the skepticism across cyberspace already... eggs and apples?!?  I didn't think they belong together either, but somehow runny yolks manages to be friends with pretty much every food (not sure if they can be pals with chocolate though).

Eggs are an interesting food. They are common and readily available. While beginner cooks can whip up egg dishes, it takes masters to perfect eggs in their most bare naked forms. Hence many top chefs and critics are notorious egg snobs.

To assemble this salad: 

  • Make soft-boiled eggs starting with a saucepan of cool water and eggs from the fridge. Set over medium high flame and let come to a boil. For small eggs, turn off flame and let eggs sit 4 to 4.5 minutes after coming to a boil; for medium to large eggs, 7 to 8 minutes. And don't forget to dunk the eggs into a cool water bath immediately to make peeling easier! 
  • Wash and dry mesclun mix (or whatever you prefer or have on hand). A salad spinner is great for washing and drying salad greens. 
  • Dice an apple (I used a Braeburn here) and let them sit in a salt bath for at least 5 minutes to prevent browning. Drain and dry apples. 
  • Lightly dress the salad first with dressing. I've developed quite a liking for Galeo's Miso Dijonnaise lately. Go easy on the dressing so the runny yolks can do their job later in delivering flavor. 
  • Top salad with diced apples.
  • Peel eggs and cut them lengthwise in half. Yolks should be softly set so it might get a little messy! Gently sit them on top of the bed of apples.  

Whenever people tell me how boring and unsatisfying salads are, I cringe and weep a little inside. Salads are incredibly versatile and can be so nutritious with the right balance! In this 4-minute egg and apple salad, there are carbs from the apple, protein and fat from the eggs, and plenty of fibrous greens for good intestinal health. This also makes for a great Meatless Monday lunch or dinner!

As the SoCal weather tries to make up its mind about whether it wants to hibernate in winter or leap into spring, I'll continue to get ready for warmer temperatures with more unusual yet delicious salad combos.


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yummy! =D now i want eggs

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