Product Props: TOKIG Salad Spinner from Ikea

Photo from Ikea
My fellow salad eaters, you'd know how much of a pain it is to rinse and let the salad mix dry before serving. And who likes a watery salad dressing? Not me! For as long as I remember, I had wanted a salad spinner to freshen up my greens efficiently.

Most salad spinners retail $18 or more at home goods stores. I cannot convince myself to pay that much for cheap plastics made in China. Hoping that prices would drop over time, I didn't have such luck. In fact, they just got more expensive! But on a lazy afternoon trip to Ikea, I stumbled upon the most affordable salad spinner!

For $2.99, it's a salad spinner that doubles as a serving bowl. Compared to its more costly counterparts, this spinner isn't as "easy"- no string to pull or button to push that would send it spinning like a dradle. It actually requires a little elbow grease to turn the gears. And the knob did pop out of the lid once but the parts could be easily reassembled. Besides salad greens, this nifty tool can clean herbs and spin them dry to extend their life in the fridge.

So if you're in the market for a salad spinner, give this one a try. I promise it'll make your meal taste better, too. After all, it's human nature to appreciate things more when we have to work for them.


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