LA Street FOODIE Fest!

As LA Street Food Fest came to an end on Saturday night, my foodie half and I were content with the exorbitant amount of food in our tummies and the bursts of flavors rendered in our mouths. Thank goodness for stretchy pants! They totally facilitated my penguin-esque waddling back to the car.

From the 23 or so stalls we visited, here are our top-picks:

Most Healing Foodie-licious:
Tied between The Vegan Joint and The Gastrobus
Healing Foodie is all about clean, fresh foods that embrace the Earth without compromising flavor. The Vegan Joint put forth a most savory tofu pad thai while The Gastrobus just wowed us all evening with their use of organic ingredients- plum and cucumber salad, popcorn topped ceviche, and a one-bite wonder called coconut and pineapple dulce de tres leche. Someone please pass me the drool bucket.

Funnest to stand in line for:
Starry Kitchen
Owner Nguyen dressed as Mr. Banana Dude and chatted up with everyone in line. He also told everyone to enjoy the crispy tofu balls in their mouths. 'Nuff said.

Best Asian flavor:
Manila Machine
Pork belly and pineapple adobo transported us out of LA into the streets of the Philippines. While we were on a flavor trip, one bite of the super crispy lumpiang shanghai shook us back to reality.

Most generous portion:
Maggie's Fritatas
Not sure if we got THREE fritatas along with a shot of Andalusian-style tomato Gazpacho because we were there early. Either way, 3 cupcake sized 'tatas were more than enough to satisfy our tastebuds and tummy! YUM!

Biggest fiesta-in-my-mouth:
Chef Danhi's Southeast Asian Flavors- Explosive Thai Bites
True to Chef Danhi's word, the flavors in these bite-sized morsels were truly explosive. Not really sure what was inside the leaves, but my palate registered the clean and crisp leaves then a pang! from the intense sauce followed by some crunch and ended with a puckering element. Yup, pretty sure that's how an explosion feels like.   

Hella clean culinary skills:
Monsieur Egg
Perfect poached eggs are hard to make to begin with. Add 5000 eager-for-food attendees and a make-shift aluminum party tray stove. That is some mad skills.

Most bomb-diggity dessert:
Tied between Coolhaus and Sweet Lucie's
It's hard to beat Coolhaus's ice cream sandwiches with flavors like strawberry with candied jalapeño and dirty mint chip. But somehow Sweet Lucie's whipped up some delectable palate-cleansing mint lemonade sorbet that can sure rival unusual exotic flavors any day!

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Chuck said...

Starry Kitchen is right up the street from my office. I usually go there once a week or every other week.

delwin said...

Definitely money well spent. =D

Elizabeth @HEALingFoodie said...

@ Chuck: So jealous! Only if I work/live near Downtown...
@ Delwin: I want to go to another one already! Perhaps with less standing and waiting.

Jme said...

I <3 that collage! And I <3 you too! I feel like I can almost taste the deliciousness with your mouth-watering descriptions! :) From, your loyal reader and nutrition disciple.

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