Meatless Monday: The Ultimate Food Truck

Gourmet food trucks have swept LA in a big way, and I've been on the prowl for these "gourmet on wheels" for months. My experience with them can only be classified as failed attempts. Either I don't know where they are (because I'm "tweet"-less) or the lines are so long that the closest I got to trying the food is getting a whif of the exhaust coming out of the trucks.

But a new kind of food truck is taking shape in Brooklyn, New York. Truck Farm takes small scale farm and local produce to a whole new level. With some creativity, ingenuity, and lots of love, an old Dodge pickup truck is transformed into a mobile farm that aims to tackle the lack of farmable land in a crowded neighborhood. 

Farm truck is a splendid celebration of human creativity in the form of vegetables that is fit for a Meatless Monday, or any other day of the week.

P.S. My heroine, Marion Nestle, makes a cameo appearance at the 2:20.


delwin said...

This is a very cool idea.

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