One Less Use for HFCS

As consumers are more aware of the uses of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), food manufacturers have responded by eliminating the ingredient from some popular items. Just last week, Hunt's announced that HFCS will no longer be used in their ketchup! 

Companies are beginning to listen to consumers' demands which only makes sense. After all, we're the one who drive the market and give them business. This is an encouraging trend that just goes to show we do have a say as consumers. Michael Pollan has been right all along- vote with your fork- and let your voices be heard!

But one little caveat: there is still sugar in ketchup but just not in the form of HFCS. So continue to read your food labels to make sure you're paying for what you think you're getting.

To read up on the Hunt's announcement, visit prnewswires.com.

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Jme said...

Pro-HFCS commercial:

Commercial spoof with medical facts:

delwin said...

LOL...love the commercial spoof Jaime.

Elizabeth said...

@Jme: Love the spoof! Wish the editing was smoother though.

Jme said...

Totally, but I guess there is no money in the truth ha ha.

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