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During my last hair styling appointment, my stylist expressed her confusion with people who use organic shampoos and conditioners. She could understand eating organic food, but what good does organic body care do?

I couldn't help but be baffled by her comment since she works for a salon that exclusively uses a certain line of supposedly natural products . Skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It is just as alive and important as the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain.

In most stores,  shelves are filled with petroleum byproducts and estrogen-mimickers. While most research about these chemicals are non-conclusive, I would rather err on the side of safety. Besides, we might be exposed to much higher dose of them than we think since these substances can be found in almost every item in our bathrooms.

Perhaps the one who is taking the most beating from these harmful body care products is the Earth. Millions of gallons of polluted water are flushed into the environment everyday from our sinks and drains. As a result, our streams and lakes are becoming increasingly filthy and aquatic animals are exhibiting hermaphroditic activity. A vomit-inducing fact is that we're eating the mutated fish and shellfish that have lived in these polluted waters. Eww.

Here are some of my top eco- and body-friendly picks.
  1. Trade Joe's Oatmeal & Honey Soap
    Little bits and pieces of oats work as a gentle exfoliator. Cleanses without stripping which is a plus especially during winter months. And at the price of $1.49 for 2 bars, they're definitely a bargain!
  2. Whole Foods 365 Shower Gel in Herbal Mint
    Doesn't fair so well as an actual body wash but makes a darn good hand soap! At $3.49 for a 16-ounce bottle, it'll give you many refills for your bathroom and kitchen sinks. Family size also available. 
  3. Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub
    Already earned a
    mention here on Healing Foodie, this exfoliator deserves a repeat mention because it's effective without being abrasive. Works well for the bumps on back of arms, too!
  4. Avalon Organics Extra Moisturizing Fragrance-Free Olive & Grape Seed Shampoo
    This fragrance-free shampoo contains lots of essential oils that can tame my head of tumbleweed while giving it volume. How it does that, I'm not sure. But this shampoo doesn't contain the usual"suspects" sodium laureth and lauryl sulfates that can over-cleanse hair. 
  5. Trader Joe's Spa Gentle Facial Cleanser
    A newly-launched item at my beloved Trader Joe's, it's one of the best makeup remover + cleanser I've come across. It took off my eye makeup with ease and didn't irritate my skin at all. 
  6. Everyday Minerals
    A family friend turned me on to this line of mineral makeup last Thanksgiving. The base, much like powder foundation, gives great coverage. Also, free samples when you make a purchase regardless of how much you spend! Mineral makeup shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and should be as skin-friendly as they claim. Everyday Minerals cares about my budget AND the health of my skin. 
Finding a more natural product that you like will require some experimentation because their formulas are so different from the mainstream rubbish. But it'll be all worth the trouble when you make the commitment to care for your body as well as our planet!

For more info on the harmful chemicals that may be lurking in your bathroom, check out Skin Deep.


the actor's diet said...

great to know about that TJ's cleanser. i got the moisturizer recently and like it a lot, though i can't really stand the smell!

Jme said...

Great picture & great topic! (I know we've chatted about this)
Just tell people it's like tuna; bioaccumulation!

Elizabeth said...

@ actor's diet: I agree about the scent. It isn't the most pleasing , but the cleanser's scent dissipates rather quickly. It's such a bargain considering how effective it is!

@ Jme: Thanks :) You know the power of DSLR! I'm still a little confused about all the harmful ingredients and their effects. And I haven't come across that many reliable resources online.

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